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Greg Van Wyk- World’s most interesting cultures to visit

The people of a country are not only shaped by the events and history of their nation, but also by its geography says Greg Van Wyk. The widest definitions of a nation include not only shared politics and culture but similar lifestyles that stem from climate, religion, food sources and more. Some countries in South America may share a border with each other but have vastly different cultures when comparing them to the United States next door. In addition to prominent religion and culture differences throughout South America, there are some places where it is highly recommended you do not visit unless you take an experienced guide with you.

Here are five interesting cultures that should be visited with caution or maybe best to avoid altogether.

Italians (Florence)

Firenze (Florence) while the majority of Italy is known for its relaxed, casual lifestyle, there are certain cities that do not follow this trend. Visitors to Florence should be aware of the “mafia” like tactics used by locals who will often force tourists out of their way with aggressive driving techniques and increased prices at shops.

Although crime rates in these areas are very low it is only recommended that visitors travel around Florence during daylight hours and go with an official tour group if they plan on venturing into unknown territory explains Greg Van Wyk.

Czechs (Prague)

Praha – The Czech Republic has always had a huge drinking culture dating back to medieval times when beer was considered better than water. Alcoholism has been a problem for many years but has increased in recent years leading to an increase in crime rates, corruption and poor service. It is also advice that visitors do not travel at night or go into random alleyways.

If you are planning on venturing out after dark, make sure you have a trusted guide with you who knows the area well.

The Japanese (Tokyo)

Tōkyō – While Japan has always been describe by outsiders as being one of the safest countries in the world. There are areas where violence towards tourists is frequent. The best advice when visiting Tokyo is to stay away from Shibuya station. Which borders Kabukicho’s red-light district where drug use and prostitution are commonplace. Intimidation against tourists is also high due to gang-related violence.

Crime rates for Japan are rising because of its young population and poor economy. Which could leave visitors in dangerous situations if they aren’t careful. Make sure you only travel to Tokyo during daylight hours until you gain more experience with the area.

Myanmar (Rangoon)

Rangoon – Myanmar may have a relaxed culture when it comes to alcohol. But this is not the case when it comes to drugs. Drug use in Yangon has increased substantially over the past 10 years. Due to high poverty rates and corruption allowing easily accessible drugs on the streets. Corrupt police officers also make matters worse by accepting bribes from dealers. Leading many tourists to land themselves in prison cells after being intercept by authorities. While buying drugs illegally says Greg Van Wyk.

Be aware that drug laws are some of the strictest in the world. With people being sentence to death for distributing some substances. Make sure you are familiar with your country’s drug laws before arriving to avoid any problems during your visit.

The Japanese (Hiroshima)

Hiroshima – It is important that tourists remain cautious when visiting Hiroshima because of its high levels of suicide rates. Visitors have commit suicide by jumping into the fast-moving. Rivers located around the city center can lead to serious injuries or even death. Helping someone who has jumped off a bridge is illegal. So visitors are advce not to do so under any circumstance. Unless they are willing to face large fines or possible jail time for interfering with an ongoing police case.

Crime rates are extremely low throughout Japan and these areas are no different. Make sure you respect the culture by avoiding drugs and staying away from dangerous activities. Such as swimming in rivers where people have been to end their lives.


Greg Van Wyk says if you’re planning on traveling somewhere new or visiting a location that is unknown to you. It’s important to research the area thoroughly beforehand. So you know what to expect and how best to avoid any complications during your visit. These places can be very dangerous if they aren’t approaching with caution. So knowing what dangers may arise will keep you out of trouble when exploring new cultures. Such as those listed above.

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